Dove fare rafting in italia

Ecco una breve guida per consigliarvi dove scoprire il fiume attraverso il rafting. Nel nord Italia sull'arco alpino ci sono i fiumi più belli, ma si può trovare anche qualcosa di speciale nel centro e sud Italia. 

River Map

River List


  • Abatescu (Corsica)
  • American SF (California)
  • Angrogna (Italy)
  • Ara (Espana)
  • Aragon Subordan (Espana)
  • Argut (Russia) Big volume class IV (V) run in altai. 3 days
  • Asahan (Indonesia) Incredible volume run class IV (V,VI). This river is dam controlled and realease costantly 150 m3/s. I have done the second descent of the rapid "nightmere".
  • Asco (Corsica) class IV-V
  • Astico (Italy) Class V slides and little waterfalls.
  • Aurdola (Norway) Incredible run class V - VI with many slides
  • Austbygdalselvi (Norway) This river is a very nice run with class V sections and wonderful landscapes.
  • Ayasse (Italy)
  • Bagnone (Italy) class V creek into the appenins with a lot of waterfalls from 4 to 9m. The first part is a steep stair in a bad rock.
  • Bashkaus (Russia) Classic 2 days class V volume run in Altai
  • Beca (Protugal) Creek that is good with 50-100 m3 Class IV V
  • Benedito (Brasil) Steep and fun class IV - V creek
  • Biaysse (France) Very rocky and steep creek in alpin style. Class V
  • Bidente (Italy)
  • Boite (Italy) Nice alpin class IV run in the Dolomites
  • Boka (Slovenia) Tributary of the Soca, class V short run only available during heavy rains
  • Bovra (Norway) Simple Class IV run with a class VI in the middle
  • Brandseth (Norway) Wonderful class V creek full of slides
  • Brembo (Italy)
  • Brgenzer Ache (Austria)
  • Bujaruelo (Espana)
  • Cabreiro (Portugal) Class V run steep with a Triple drop into a gorge
  • Cabril (Portugal) Class IV run
  • Calisima (Corsica) Steep Bolder creek, good with high water, class V
  • Canale di Reno (Italy)
  • Candigliano (Italy)
  • Cannobino (Italy) Very nice class V run in the Lake Maggiore. Very steep gorge basically class IV with the last km class V and some portages.
  • Canyon creek (California)
  • Caprio (Italy)
  • Cavado (Portugal) Full on class V run with beautiful slides and waterfall up to 5 m.
  • Cellina upper (Italy) Classic alpin run only nice with high flows.
  • Ceno (Italy)
  • Chiusella (Italy)
  • Chuja (Russia) Majoy gorge, a spectacular big volume class V run. 3 h
  • Chulcha (Russia) First descent of the upper section. class VI and V run. Hike 4.5 hours to put in
  • Chulishman (Russia) 3 days river trip. steep creek into volume run
  • Cinqueta (Espana)
  • Clear Creek (California)
  • Codi (Corsica)
  • Corsaglia (Italy)
  • Crooked (New Zealand) Class IV V gorge with fun drops. Hard hike in (1.5 h)
  • Cubatao du Parana (Brasil) Wonderful remote Class V run . Boulder garden and some granite drops.
  • Diaterna di Caburaccia (Italy) Class III flowing into a remote valley.
  • Dinkey Creek (California) One of the best 2 days trip in the world. I lost a very good friend in this river.
  • Dolo (Italy)
  • Dora Champè-Lago (Italy)
  • Dora Gole di Avise (Italy)
  • Dora La Salle (Italy)
  • Doron di Bozel (Espana)
  • Drava (Austria) The Dolomitemann race river
  • Driva (Norway) Classic big river IV-V
  • East Branch (California)
  • Egua (Italy)
  • Eksingedal (Norway)
  • Enna (Italy)
  • Esera (Espana)
  • Etna (Norway) Class IV (VI) river with a spectacular triple drop at the beginning.
  • Feather Bald Rock (California)
  • Feather MF (California) 2 days river trip, class IV-V
  • Finna (Norway) Nice Class IV canyon with some must run
  • Fiplingdalselva (Norway) Class V run with drops and big holes
  • Fium Orbo (Corsica)
  • Futaleufu (Chile)
  • Fuy (Chile)
  • Gallego (Espana)
  • Germanasca (Italy)
  • Gol Gol (Chile)
  • Gole dell'Adda (Italy)
  • Golo (Corsica)
  • Gordana (Italy)
  • Gore Creek (Colorado)
  • Grande Eyvia (Italy)
  • Guile (France) class IV creek
  • Guisane (France)
  • Gyr (France)
  • Gyronde (France)
  • Homestake creek (Colorado)
  • Hommedalen (Norway)
  • Iapò (Brasil) Long canyon mostly flat with a class V section in the middle and rapids class III and II
  • Inferninho (Brasil) Slide fun park class IV V
  • Inn (Austria)
  • Isel (Austria)
  • Iser (FR) (France)
  • Jaguary (Brasil) Steep creek class V run with several waterfall. One of the best in Brasil
  • Jondachi (Ecuador)
  • Jorddalselvi (Norway) Class IV - V in a highland valley. Cool 10m drop at the end of the first section. Class V gorge till the bridge.
  • Jori (Norway) Upper section IV - V Lower section IV
  • Kaituna (New Zealand) Classic run of the north island. Class IV with 4 waterfalls.
  • Kakapotahi (New Zealand) Nice upper gorge V and easier lower part IV-III.
  • Kakapotahi (New Zealand) Heli run. Very hard and beautifull. A gorge with a mandatory run drop is present in the middle of the run.
  • Karagem (Russia) wild an isolated river in the middle of nowhere class IV
  • Katun (Russia)
  • Kawarau (New Zealand) Big volume run with 3 rapids Nevis bluff, Citroen and Retrospect
  • Kaweah West (California)
  • Krutaga (Norway)
  • Kurkure (Russia) Combination of waterfalls and drops. hike to put in
  • Lagen Canyon (Norway)
  • Langwasser ()
  • Lao Pollino (Italy) Wonderful gorge in South Italy, class III-IV
  • Leo (Italy) class III river
  • Liamone (Corsica)
  • Limentra (Italy)
  • Liocura (Chile)
  • Loredo (Portugal) Class V step run. The lower section can be done with flooding conditions.
  • Magra (Italy) Very nice upper part with rapids and many class V drops. Some 4-5m drops and some artificial ones.
  • Manso (Argentina)
  • Mar (Norway) Class V run with a special section of 5 waterfalls at the end called homerun
  • Mastallone (Italy)
  • Medelsbach (Austria)
  • Misahualli (Ecuador)
  • Montone (Italy)
  • Mouro (Portugal) Class IV run that need a lot of water. The Bonus Section at the end is Class V
  • Myrkdalselvi (Norway)
  • Naeroydalen (Norway)
  • Naeroydalselvi (Norway) Class IV alpin run style. Quite short but different from other rivers. It's cool to finish in the fjord..
  • Negrone (Italy)
  • Nera (Italy) Fast and spectacular run after the Marmore Falls. this river has water only during the dam release. Mainly on weekends and summer. Class IV. 10 m3.
  • Neste d'Aure (France)
  • Nevado (Chile) incredible steep river committed into a wonderful gorge. class V
  • Nevis (New Zealand) Beautiful and classic creeking run in south island. Nice class V drops
  • Noce (Italy)
  • Noce Bianco (Italy)
  • Noguera Pallaresa (Espana)
  • North Fork Payette (USA) Steep and continuous big river. Class VI V
  • Numedalslågen (Norway) Super fun big volume run in Telemark. I have run at 8 at the bridge gauge and was perfect. Scount the big rapids since there are pretty big holes around!
  • Oetz (Austria) Big glaciar alpin river. Several stretch to run with different flows. Class III-VI
  • Ombrone (Italy)
  • Orba ()
  • Orbo ()
  • Orco (Italy) Class V run only running in flooding conditions but really fun when river is high enough.
  • Osola (Swizerland) Steep class V. Verzasca tributary.
  • Ospitale (Italy) Class V - IV creek small and steep. Good fun for a multiple run. Nice artificial drop combination at the end.
  • Oyacachi (Ecuador)
  • Palguin (Chile)
  • Panaro (Italy) class II river around my house
  • Papallacta (Ecuador)
  • Paraibuna (Brasil) Pool and drop style class IV-V run. The upper part is in a natural reserv.
  • Pastaza (Ecuador)
  • Pellice (Italy)
  • Peneda (Portugal) Starting with an small creek, Peneda is a super Fun run IV - V
  • Perticara (Italy)
  • Posuno (Ecuador)
  • Puesco (Chile) steep boulder creek. Fast moves and high risk of getting stuck into a log. class V
  • Quijos (Ecuador) class IV volume river
  • Randalselva (Norway)
  • Rauma (Norway)
  • Rauma (Norway) Incredible combination of big water and Slides. The upper Rauma is easier IV, while lower is quite hard VI.
  • Ravona (Switzerland) Steep alpin torrent with gorges and class V and VI drops. Very typical run up in Tessin
  • Restonica (Corsica)
  • Reuss ()
  • Ribo (Swizerland) Very nice and fun class V creek. This is a Tessin classic with the famous 18m slide.
  • Rio Bomba (Portugal) Steep small creek
  • Rio delle Tagliole (Italy)
  • Rio dos Cedros (Brasil) Continuous boulder garden class IV (V) river. The water change continuously due to the hydro power
  • Rio Pesce (Brasil) The lower part is a commercial rafting section with some class III and IV.
  • Rio Preto (Brasil) The upper part is a very, very steep creek. With medium flow of the river is class VI-VII! The lower part is a fun class IV run.
  • Rio Topo (Ecuador) Wodeful class V creek in the jungle
  • Rizzanese (Corsica)
  • Rovigo (Italy) very small creek, class IV tributary of the Santerno.
  • Saalach (Austria) Nice class V run 2 km long from the town of lofer
  • Saeta (Norway) 4 class V slides. A possible First descent
  • Salmon (California)
  • San Bernardino (Italy) Class V fun run in the Lake Maggiore. Some must run drops but all scoutable and runnible.
  • San pedro (Chile)
  • Sanna ()
  • Santerno (Italy)
  • Savena (Italy)
  • Savio (Italy)
  • Scheggia (Italy) class IV
  • Schwarzach (Austria) Short section class III (V).
  • Scoltenna (Italy) class III
  • Secchiello (Italy) 14 m waterfall run as a first descent in 2006
  • Senio (Italy) Fun creek with many boof. It flows only with high water and it's good over -100cm on the gauge.
  • Sermenza (Italy)
  • Sermenzino (Italy) class IV, nice creek
  • Sesia (Italy)
  • Sessera (Italy)
  • Setta (Italy) terrible class II river
  • Silisia (Italy) Class V run very deep in a remote valley.
  • Sjoa (Norway)
  • Skjerva (Norway)
  • Skjoli (Norway) Steep creek class IV - V. Good from 1.35 m (gauge online)
  • Smeddalselvi (Norway) Incredible class V and VI creek in the high mountains in Leardal Valley. many drops and some full on syfons.
  • Soana (Italy) Wonderful class V long run in the north apls. With gauge over 2.03 m it's very fun till Pont Canavese
  • Soça (Slovenia)
  • Sogndalselvi (Norway) Class V run with many drops and slides. A special 3 drops combination of 8-8-8 m drops.
  • Soraa (Norway) Big mission for a small creek in a remote gorge
  • Sorba (Italy)
  • South Fork Payette (USA) Nice big water river with clear and cold water. Class IV
  • South Silver (California)
  • Stavvasselva (Norway)
  • Stordalselvi (Norway) Class V run with many slides and a committing gorge at the beginning
  • Strandaelvi (Norway) class IV - V river
  • Stura di Ala (Italy)
  • Stura di valgrande (Italy)
  • Styx (New Zealand)
  • Susna (Norway) Very interesting river with 3 sections of class V with slides and waterfalls.
  • Tanaro (Italy)
  • Taravo (Corsica)
  • Tatare (New Zealand) Glacier flood run close to town.
  • Taverone (France)
  • Taverone (Italy) Classic Liguria river. Mostly into little gorges, class IV and fun with high flow.
  • Tavignano (Corsica)
  • Teigdalselvi (Norway) class VI river, has the famous double drop at the end of the run
  • Toaroha (New Zealand) Upper section to hike in with a class V canyon. Also known as T canyon.
  • Tora (Norway) Very big drops in a short section
  • Totara (New Zealand) Flooding run IV
  • Trancura (Chile)
  • Travo (Corsica)
  • Trefallselvi (Norway) very short run with a nice 13m waterfall. It's runnible only when Teigdalselvi is too high.
  • Turnbull (New Zealand) Boulder garden high steepness run. hiked the upper section!
  • Tverrelvi (Norway) Class IV run with slide in norwegian style. Good warm up run when all the river around are too high.
  • Ubaye (France) Continuous creek alpin style. from III to V
  • Ula (Norway)
  • Urdlandselvi (Norway)
  • Urula (Norway) Nice class IV (V) run. Good flow from 14m3
  • Valnontay (Italy) Really steep alpin run.
  • Vecchio (Corsica)
  • Veccione (Italy) very small creek, class IV tributary of the Rovigo.
  • Vefsna (Norway) Classic 4 hours run with big drops and a bit of flat..
  • Vermegliana (Italy)
  • Vermenagna (Italy)
  • Verzasca (Swizerland)
  • Vez (Portugal)
  • Vltava (Czech Republic) Nice river. Has water only when the dam release one a year. class IV
  • Vomano (Italy) Class IV. runnible with special water conditions.
  • Vorderrhein ()
  • Vosso (Norway) class II
  • Wairoa (New Zealand) Dam released run only doable on Sunday. Class IV drops for 30min run.
  • Weisse Lütschine (Austria)
  • Whataroa (New Zealand) Heli run. Class V drops into a wonderful class IV gorges.
  • White Nile (Uganda)
  • Wooley Creek (California)
  • Yuba NF (California)
  • Yuba SF (California)
  • Zambezi (Zambia)

Ho iniziato ad andare in canoa quando avevo 10 anni. Ho passato l'adolescenza tra i campi di slalom di tutta Europa, allenandomi per far parte della squadra nazionale giovanile. Il duro e costante allenamento, che mi ha portato a partecipare ai campionati mondiali ed europei di canoa slalom junior, mi ha insegnato cosa significa lavorare sodo per un obiettivo e quanto sia meraviglioso raggiungerlo. A 18 anni ho iniziato a studiare Fisica e ho dovuto abbandonare lo slalom in quanto la carriera dell'agonista non era compatibile con lo studio universitario che stavo intraprendendo. Dentro di me però ho sempre sentito fame di sfide e di adrenalina e la canoa estrema mi ha permesso di soddisfarla a pieno: abbandonata la canoa da gara ho iniziato a vivere il fiume in un altro modo, girando il mondo in cerca di fiumi meravigliosi e di passaggi sempre più difficili. Una buona parte dei soldi che riuscivo a guadagnare lavorando d'estate come guida rafting, venivano investiti in meravigliose esperienze.
Ho pagaiato in Africa, nord e sud America e in tutta Europa e ancora mi sento come un bambino che vuole esplorare il mondo. Ora ho trovato il mio equilibrio, una ragazza splendida, una casa in collina e un lavoro da programmatore web che mi permette di liberarmi al bisogno per vivere ancora il fiume e partecipare a competizioni internazionali.

Il progetto di disegno di onde fluviali consiste nella creazione di una base scientifica per la progettazione di onde in canali a superficie libera. L'obiettivo è quello di poter realizzare onde per competizioni di canoa, surf e quant'altro.



Alpin Sprint - Valsesia River Festival (Trento, ITA) 25/6/19: 1st long race, 1st sprint

North Fork World Championship (Idaho, USA) 14/6/19: 5th place

Ekstreme Sport Veko, European Championship (Voss, NOR) 24/6/19: 8th Sprint, 1st Timberhole enduro

Extreme Slalom Mezzana, Italian Championship (Trento, ITA) 21/7/19: 3rd



Extreme Slalom Mezzana (Trento, ITA) 15/6/18: 2nd BoaterX, 1st Mass start race

Ekstreme Sport Veko (Voss, NOR) 27/6/18: 4th Sprint, 2nd Timberhole enduro

Devils Race (Lipno, CZE) 26/8/18: 4th Freeride sprint, 1st BoaterX, 2nd Dam to Dam marathon, 1st Overall

RedBull Dolomitemann (Lienz, AUT) 8/9/2018: General result kayaking 8th, Amateur 1st.

Marmore race 27/10/2018 (Terni, ITA):1st place sprint

Asahan river festival, Toba Caldera (IND) 8/12/18: 1st sprint, 1st long distance


OutdoorMix (Embrun, FRA) 7/5/17: 2nd Slalom, 4th Freeride, 3rd BoaterX, 2nd Long 3rd OVERALL
Vanoi Rapid race (Caoira, ITA) 21/5/17: 1st Freeride, 1st
King of the Alps (Moso in passirio, ITA) 9/6/17: 3rd Marathon, 1st Freeride, 1st OVERALL
Ekstreme Sport Veko (Voss, NOR) 25/6/17: 3rd Freeride, 2nd Slalom, 3rd BoaterX
Devils Race (Lipno, CZE) 25/8/17: 1st Freeride sprint, 1st BoaterX, 5th Dam to Dam marathon, 1st Overall
Adidas Sickline Extreme World Championship 2017: 6th Freeride
White water world festival, Toba Caldera (IND) 8/12/17: 3rd freeride, 1st slalom, 1st sprint; 1st overall


OutDoorMix (Embrun, FRA) 15/5/16: 2nd BoaterX, 1st Freeride, 4th Slalom, 2nd OVERALL
King of the Alps (Moso in passirio, ITA) 8/6/16: 1st Marathon, 2nd Freeride, 1st OVERALL
Extreme Sport Veko (Voss, NOR) 28/6/16: 1st team race (with Jamie Sutton, Lars Lammlers), 1st BoaterX
Devils Race (Lino, CZ) 19/8/16: Overall
EKEC European Kayaking Extreme CUP (ITA FR CZ) 2016: Overall
RedBull Dolomitemann (Lienz, AUT) 10/9/2016: General result kayaking 10th, Amateur 3rd.
Adidas Sickline Extreme World Championship: 9th Freeride


Marmore River Fest (Terni, ITA) 24/10/15: 2nd Freeride, 1st Freestyle
Extreme Sport Veko (Voss, NOR) 26/6/15: 2nd boaterX
European Championship (Moso in Passiria, ITA) 13/6/15: 4th Sprint
King of the Alps (Moso in Passiria, ITA) 13/6/15: 3rd overall (4th sprint, 2nd marathon)


Extreme Sport Veko (Voss, NOR) 28/6/14: 5th sprint, 1st team race (with Mike Dawson)
European Championship (Moso in Passiria, ITA) 7/6/14: 1st Sprint
King of the Alps (Moso in Passiria, ITA) 7/6/14: 1st overall (1st sprint, 2nd marathon)
Sesia Kayak Meeting (Campertogno, ITA) 1/6/14: 1st BoaterX, 2nd Sprint


Devils Extreme Race, European Open (Loucovice, CZ) 31/8/13: 3rd down-river
Eksteme Sport Veko 28/6/13: 6th downriver, 2nd team (Hjort,Legat,Ramazza)
EAD (Ivrea-Pontboset, ITA) 16/6/13: 2nd overall (3rd downriver, 5th slalom, 1st boaterX);3rd team (Daprà, Ramazza, Longoni)
King of the Alps (Merano, ITA) 8/6/13: 1st overall (1st downriver, 2nd boaterX)
Valsesia Kayak Meeting, 1-2/6/13: 1st downriver, 1st boaterX, 1st extreme race (slalom+sprint)
Valsesia River Festival, Sweet Rumble BoaterX 25/5/13: 1st downriver
Valsesia River Festival, Alpin sprint 25/5/13: 1st downriver 1st downriver team race (ramazza, sutton, waldner)
OutdoorMix AWP 10/5/13: 3rd downriver
OutdoorMix 9/5/13: 2nd BoaterX
Marmore Race 24/3/13: 1st downriver


Devils Extreme Race (Loucovice, CZ) 1/9/12: 3rd down-river
Extreme Sport Week: 3rd down-river, 4th boaterX, 2nd team race
King of the Alps (Merano, ITA) 16/6/12: 1st overall (1st downriver, 2nd boaterX)
King of the Falls (Val Chiusella, ITA) 9/6/12: 2nd downriver
Alpin Sprint, Valsesia River festival 2/6/12: 1st downriver
Marmore Race 25/3/12: 1st downriver


Adidas sick-line world championship (Otztal, Austria) 1/10/11: 8th downriver
Extreme Sport Week: 1st downhill, 2nd boaterX
Extreme Sport Week (Voss, NOR): 1st Team Race (Ramazza, Brunetti, Sutton)
Teva Extreme Outdoor Games:1st boaterX, 3rd overall
Teva Mountain Games (Vail, CO, USA): 4th place steep Creek
Valsesia River Festival (Sesia, ITA): 2nd Freeride, 2nd BoaterX


Adidas sick-line world championship (Otztal, Austria) 2/10/10: 2nd downriver
EkstremeSportVeko (Voss, NOR): 1st Team Race (Ramazza, Brunetti, Waldner)
Valsesia River Contest (Sesia, ITA): 1st BoaterX
Teva Extreme Outdoor Games: 9th overall


Italian Cup (Tegliamento, ITA): 6th downriver
Teva extreme outdoor games: 2nd downriver, 2nd sprint, 4th boaterX, 9th overall
Extreme sport week: 1st downriver
Adidas sick-line world championship (Otztal, Austria) 4/10/09: 8th downriver
Italian Cup (Nera, ITA) 31/10/09: 1st place


Teva extreme outdoor games (Rassa, ITA): 2nd place overall, 1st team race, (4st downriver, 2nd sprint, 2nd slalom, 8th boaterX)
Straight Down Striit (Elm, SWI) 24/5/07: 2nd place
Teva mountain games (vail CO, USA): 7th place steepcreek, 4th downriver, 1st divtimate mountain challenge (pro team division)
Extreme sport week (Voss, Norway) 28/6/08: 2nd downriver, 3rd team race, 4th boaterX
Sweet Rumble (sjoa, Norway) 19/7/08: 1st boaterX
Teva cup (dutch water dream, Holland) 23/9/2008: 1st boaterX
Adidas sick-line world championship (Otztal, Austria) 4/10/08: 3rd downriver
Italian Cup (Nera, ITA) 26/10/08: 1st place


Teva extreme outdoor games (Rassa, ITA): 6th place overall, 1st team race, (1st downriver, 2nd sprint, 17st boaterX)
Italian Cup (Vanoi, ITA) 20/5/07: 2nd place 1st team race
Soca River Race (Bovec, SLO): 2nd place
Italian Cup (Sermenza, ITA) 2-3/6/07: 1st place boaterX, 2nd place sprint, 3rd team race
Italian Cup (Ayasse, ITA) 17/6/07: 1st place
Nissan outdoor games by Columbia (Interlaken, SUI) 1/7/07: 5th place overall (3rd slalom), 2st team race
Italian Cup (Aurino, ITA) 7/7/07: 1st place, 3rd boaterX
Italian Cup (Grande Eyvia, ITA) 2/9/07: 1st place
Italian Cup (Nera, ITA) 27/10/07: 1st place
Italian Cup final resdivt: 1st place


Teva extreme outdoor games (Rassa,ITA): 2nd place overall, 1st team race, (2nd downriver, 7th sprint, 2nd slalom, 1st boaterX)
Wave and Wheel (Brentgarden, SUI): 4th boater X
Powerade Outdoor Games (Interlaken, SUI): 1st boaterX
Sweet Rumble (Sjoa,NOR): 4th boaterX
7down: 1st place
Italian Cup 1st place
Italian Cup (Sermenza, ITA) 21/5/06: 1st place, 2nd team race
Italian Cup (Vanoi, ITA) 4/6/06: 1st place 5th team race
Italian Cup (Grande Eyvia, ITA): 1st place
Italian Cup (Nera,ITA) 29/10/06: 2nd place 1st team race