This is the story of our trip to Portugal on February 2018. A lot of water around thanks to the rain which never left us for all the week we were there. A great experience and special rivers.

The Asahan river is mostly unknown by the majority of the kayakers. It's flowing out of the dam on the Lake Toba, a old super vulcano in North Sumatra - Indonesia.

This wonderful river flows all year at the same level. The warm temperature and the quality of the whitewater makes the Asahan a very spectacular place where to spend 2 weeks.

Norway is for me the best place in the world for extreme kayaking. Many incredible rivers into a special environment.


 expedition kayaking video in siberia

This is a documentary about the 3 days expedition in the Altai mountains, Siberia (Russia). This video explain, from the voice of the participant, what happened in that multiday adventure and why...


Awsome short videos of the New Zealand expedition in 2015 in the west coast of the south island.