Get in and out of eddies

If you want to improve your stability and the technique of getting into and out of eddies, this video will explain how to do it. There is no rule or just one way to do this maneuver, but you can learn a method that can help you to improve stability and less fatigue.

Segnali in fiume per la canoa

Which are most important river signals to know? Here you can find a detailed list of the most important river signal internationally known. A short guide to help the communication in the noisy river environment.

eskimo all'indietro

The back deck roll is one of the most important technique to turn the kayak to the upright position. The back roll is faster, safer and very easy to learn. Why don't give it a try? You can find here a video tutorial to learn it and understand the technique of this roll.

Gym exercises for kayaking Free-ride kayaking requires a good technique but also a strong body! In this video I'm presenting the exercises which I think are the most useful to build a solid physical preparation for extreme kayaking.

In the video tutorial below you can find a simple but very important tip about how to paddle through the waves.
The technique can be used on river boats in the river but it works also in sea kayaking.

kayak rotation, foundamental move

The kayak rotation comes from the power of the arms. Wrong, a good kayaker is able to turn it mainly using the body rotation to direct the boat. Only through the comprehension of this movement is possible to make a big step forward in the kayak technique.

The Power stroke is a propulsive action to push the boat forward using the body movement. It can be used to perform many operations in white and flat water with freestyle and creek boats. This stroke is very effective while getting into an out of the eddies and to boof (jump an obstacle). In flat water allows simple circular path through a series of strokes inside of the curve. This stroke is important to learn how to move your torso and increase its mobility.

How to paddle, paddling technique

In this article you can find a very detailed video tutorial about the paddling technique. This video shows the 2 foundamental movements and explains how to learn them. This 2 elements, combined in proper way, create an efficient and stylish paddling.
Michele Ramazza has been studied these ideas for years and now are resumed in this very useful video.

salire e scendere dalla canoa

Getting in and out of the canoe can be often difficult. This video explains the system I use to enter and exit from the river. This technique allows to board and disembark from the kayak in every possible situation, on high banks, muddy or where it is necessary to climb.

timone thumb

What I'm presenting now is one of the first stroke to control curves with creeks and freestyle boats. It's a very energy saver stroke to control direction in white water.