This section contains all the articles about the technique of kayaking. The techniques described are the result of years of analysis to find the main foudamental blocks of this very special sport.

If you are a beginner and you want to learn the basics or review the technique from the beginning, I suggest you follow the lessons in order:

Kayaking course online

These 3 tips will help either the beginner and the advanced paddler to improve confidence and lines in the river. These tips apply from class II whitewater up to class VI.

Lifting one side of the kayak has always been a misleading concept in my opinion. It is rarely advisable to lift the side of the canoe but, on the contrary, it is better to think in terms of weight shifting towards the side of the kayak trying to keep it as flat as possible to ensure the best support and balance from the boat.

After seeing the most bizarre ways of carrying a kayak on the shoulder, I decided to present my technique. Over the years I always think it has saved me a bit of effort in transporting the canoe.

Close the spraydeck can be a real complication for those who start kayaking. These advices can help solve this problem in the best way.

To re-establish the balance in your kayak, the paddle can be used as a support point. However, this maneuver may not be immediate, as instinct tells us to bring the body back immediately. 

If you are starting from zero, or if you want to review your technique from the beginning I suggest you follow the following canoe lessons in sequence.

The educational progression that I propose to you is designed to make kayaking easier and fun. According to your discipline, I propose a different list of lessons.

If you want to improve your stability and the technique of getting into and out of eddies, this video will explain how to do it. There is no rule or just one way to do this maneuver, but you can learn a method that can help you to improve stability and less fatigue.

Which are most important river signals to know? Here you can find a detailed list of the most important river signal internationally known. A short guide to help the communication in the noisy river environment.

The back deck roll is one of the most important technique to turn the kayak to the upright position. The back roll is faster, safer and very easy to learn. Why don't give it a try? You can find here a video tutorial to learn it and understand the technique of this roll.

Gym exercises for kayaking Free-ride kayaking requires a good technique but also a strong body! In this video I'm presenting the exercises which I think are the most useful to build a solid physical preparation for extreme kayaking.