For some years, I have been part of this special team, strongly connected to the territory where I live.

For us Emilians, but more in general Italian people, local food and wine are something important and deeply felt; we always have local wine and cheese at home. Lambrusco is a product that aims to reach a younger, active, and sporty audience more and more. For this reason, it has sought local athletes involved in nature-related, active, and spectacular disciplines.

Also this year live TV will be available for the European Extreme AWP KAYAK Championship on Saturday 24 September 2022

With 2021 a new chapter begins regarding the sponsorship of Michele Ramazza. The Consorzio Tutela Lambrusco has decided to support Michele's activity to link his image to the characteristics that distinguish their products: sparkling, young and respectful of nature.

Watch the relive show of the Adidas Sickline World Championship on Saturday October 7th from 14.00 CET.

How the extreme kayaking races are going this year in Europe?  The main 5 events in Europe are getting bigger and bigger and have been put together by the EKEC, the European Circuit. Pyrenees Buddies Race, Outdoormix, King of the Alps, EkstremeSportVeko and Devils Race.  In this articles you will find a report of the Outdoormix 2017. 

The first edition of the EKEC Extreme Kayaking European Cup has now finished successfully after the three scheduled events in the cup:

- Outdoormix Festival (FRA – May 13th/16th)
- King of the Alps (ITA – June 3rd/5th)
- Devils Race (CZ – August 26th/28th)

composite creek boatsThe time is not arrived yet. In 2014-2015 everybody was very excited to see some composite creek boats developed for racing. These boats were acclaimed as the future of the creek boat construction. In my opinion the fail of this test is quite obvious. No body, or better, almost nobody is really using this technology and no boat has really been sold.

double drop norwayThis year Norway was definitely the best place to be in June. Apparently no snow was left in north America while over 500m, around Voss, the snow was not missing at all. Just few degrees over 20 and the Raundalselvi was rising up to 160 m3. A lot of good kayakers end up in Voss at the end of June for the Extreme Sport Week to enjoy the wonderful rivers in the area and compete hard in the races.

gianni slalomAt the beginning of November 2014 one of the most generous man in the kayak world, lost his life after a long swim in one hole of the Marsyangdi River (Nepal). He was known as Gianni Slalom.

sickline tv live showOn October 4th the Adidas Sickline extreme kayak world championship took place in Oetz (AUT). The course is changed and the athletes will face new challenges! Joe Morley manage to win the 2nd world champion title.

EAD 2013After a couple years of disorganization the EAD, Eporedia Active Days, has been this year one of the best race in Europe in terms of quality of whitewater, prizes, and organization. The new location on the river Ayasse has been a great success and all the athletes were stoked to race in such a nice and hard creek!

outdoormix The new event in Europe was interesting and it offered good races and very nice alpin style kayaking. All the rivers were quite high and the valley was very nice under the spring sun.

New seson 2013 caddy recon Season 2013 is started and the schedule is full of appointments. Lots of races, events, holidays, clinics and a unique happy ending. This year I'm particularly excited because of the new Recon 83 which is going to give me new emotions and challenges.

white water grand prix

Here is the live report, step by step, of the White Water Grand Prix adventure seen from the eyes of Michele Ramazza.