Lower back pain for kayakers hernia What's the reason because kayakers suffer of lower back pain? In this article you will find a video that explain why kayakers have this problem and what can be a solution that worked in several cases.

How kayakers can stop lower back problems

After a long time suffering of lower back pain problems, I decided to find a definitively solution to not wake up in the morning again with lower back pain.

The lower back hernias (as a last stage) are a quite a common problem but the kayakers looks like are suffering of this more than others. In my cases the pain was mainly in the morning after a kayak session or an intense training, or after a long time standing up or walking. It was hard to put on socks and lift things from the ground. Sometimes I had very hard episodes were I get blocked for several weeks.

The weird thing was that a good paddling session was a relief for the back. After a long study of the possible problem and try a lot of things I finally found something that really solved the problem.

The reason

For some time I thought the problem was not coming from the kayaking.
Wrong! kayaking is not actually a problem for the lower back, but it tends to contract a very important muscle for the back, the ileopsoas. A short ileopsoas load the last discs every we are upright or laying on the bad with distend legs. 

The solution

The solution is actually very simple and it consist in a good and constant stretching of this ileopsoas. Every time we are kayaking this muscle tend to become shorter and we need to stretch it regularly. Of course is very important to be strong the core muscles to avoid to overload the back, but generally kayakers are quite strong on that. If you feel to don't have strong abdominal, consider to do also a good core muscle training! Read also: Gym exercises for freeride kayaking

Watch the video to see the exercise and please share it!

A lot of my friends had a good feelings practicing this exercise, I hope you can be another one!