creek kayak reviewDiscover the reviews and compare the kayaks on the market. Michele Ramazza has evaluated, according with his experience, almost all the kayaks for creeking. This is a very useful tool for all who want to buy a kayak.

Here is the new blade from Werner!
The new Werner jewel has been released after more than six years. Find out how it behave!

Protective body suit for extreme kayakingAre you looking for a good protection for your body for extreme kayaking? Do you need something easy to wear and optimal mobility? I never found anything like this in the past, but now I've tried this Xion product and I finally found a body suit very performing.

recon test

Michele Ramazza explains his personal impression after one year of usage of the last WaveSport model: the Recon



recon vs habitat, flatwater test

As soon as I got the new Recon 83 the first impression has been of ease of use comparing to the Habitat. But how much these improvement on stability, maneuverability and boof friendly nose would compromise linear speed and rotation?

Recon wavesport

Finally the new WaveSport creek boat is on production! After a lot of thinking, 1 year of testing and 3 prototypes, the boat is finally ready. This article will explain all its features and how the boat has been designed.