In this section you will find many ideas to solve many problems that a canoeist often finds in front.

Are you wondering about how long should be your paddle? I built a system to have all the measures to optimize the biomechanics of the paddling. 

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The river difficulty scale

The WW (wild water) scale is used to define the difficulty of a river with wild water. However, this scale was defined several years ago and is now inadequate for the higher levels and not very scientific. In Europe we have defined some modifications that are being used more and more.

How to choose the right paddle? What length should it have? What angle should I use? Which material to choose and what shape should it have? How to use the paddle?

Sometimes it might be tricky to set up your kayak in the right way. In this video I point the 6 things you have to do to correclty tune you kayak. 

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I have seen hundred of ways to repair a kayak, but this is definetly the most efficient and succesful one!

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What equipment to buy? What are the safety rules for not risking? Where and when can I go kayaking to the sea?

These are just some of the questions that anyone who wants to start canoeing at the sea asks before venturing into a sea kayak. In this short guide I will try to give some useful tips to start this activity. 

How to choose a paddle shaft for the creeking or slalom? Will be better for me the straight or the bent one? Here is a brief guide to resolve this dilemma.

Lower back pain for kayakers hernia What's the reason because kayakers suffer of lower back pain? In this article you will find a video that explain why kayakers have this problem and what can be a solution that worked in several cases.

Kayak sherpa system home madeHow to built a Sherpa system to carry your kayak on your shoulders using an old backpack. This is a easy, simple, cheap and super-light system to carry your kayak on your shoulder for a long trip. I have tested on a 5 hour trekking and it works! The system is stable an easy to put on shoulders.

Manual chainsawIs there a way to carry a chainsaw in your kayak? I never found a easy way to carry something useful with me until I tested a manual chainsaw. It's really as efficient as a rigid saw but easier to use and a way smaller in your kayak.


kayaking safety accidentI ended up asking myself why accidents happened and what we could do to stop them. After consulting with a lot of experienced paddlers and with the help of risk analysis principles, I put together few concepts, which are not going to make a kayaker immortal, but at least help to better understand what we are risking and experience the river in more conscious way.

playboat designHow playboats are designed? What are the interesting features and how they affect performances? In this video you can find very nice answers from the Wavesport design team.

slalom for creek trainingLots of creek kayakers want to buy a slalom boat to start training to get a better paddler. Is that a good idea or not?

Slalom kayakers have a better technique rather than any other paddlers but, is this enough to prove the slalom training is necessary to improve? 


boaterX rulesBoaterX has become very popular during the last 4-5 years. Everybody organizes this kind of race but not many people have a clear idea about rules and ranking system.

grip paddleHow to make a grip on the shaft of your paddle?

I think the better way to do it is to create a handle over your shaft with the shape of your hand. In this way you can control much better the angle of your paddle. You can use this system in any paddle on the market.