Here is the new blade from Werner!
The new Werner jewel has been released after more than six years. Find out how it behave!

werner odachi review This new Odachi from Werner is, in my opinion, the top in terms of performance, weight and stiffness. The stroke in the water is very solid and, thanks to the shape that shifts the point of intake in a 5 cm water more forward, the blade does not vibrate.
The grip is strong and the feeling of responsiveness is very similar to the best blades of modern slalom paddles.
The carbon 28mm tube it is very rigid, allowing not to lose energy in any strokes. In short, in terms of performance I think is second to none. The weight has been reduced by at least 30% compared to the Sho-Gun blades.

The strength of the blade and the tube is certainly lower, however, the super-tested Sho-gun that remains perhaps the best choice if the use involves many waterfalls and many blows over the stones. The odachi does not wear because the edge is reinforced like in all the buildings 'performance core', but the stiffness of the blade and the tube will inevitably affect the resistance in case of strong impacts.