Since a few years Kayak Session has been organizing a meeting in Corsica during Easter holidays for all the European paddlers who can't wait the time to put their kayak in the water after the winter. This year, all the snow pack melted during a couple of very hot weeks in March. The meeting had been cancelled but me and few other paddlers decided to go anyway hoping for some rain to fill up the rivers. For myself, it's the 4th time in this island.

After some low water runs, the rain finally arrived and we started to paddle some very nice rivers like the Travo, Taravo, Upper Vecchio and the Restonica. We camped in the fields close to rivers, grilling the wonderful corsican "fiorentine" (a very thick piece of beef meat) on the fire. This place, quite desert during this season, offers a lot of amazing rivers from class II to V in few hours driving and the chance to meet a lot of international paddlers. And now enjoy some of the photos of the trip.