As every year the Extreme Sport Week is one of the most intense moments in the life of extreme athletes. Here you can find a selection of the best shots of the week from Michele Ramazza and the ExtremeSporWeek photographers.

Great kayakers like Evan Garcia, Aniol Serrasoles, Sam and Jamie Sutton, Michele Ramazza, Ron Fischer and Eric Deguille have met in Voss to run the rivers around this area. This year the snow pack was huge and the water wasn't missing at all! These guys runned a 25m waterfall and steep rivers with 3 times the normal flow. Aniol also styled a back freeweel in the first step of the famous DoubleDrop on the Teigdallen valley. After this incredible show, he decided to run the drop again and tried a front freeweel in the second drop. He styled that too! After a night of rain the guys decided to try a new river, probably a first descent, with a 13m waterfall in the middle called Trefallselvi.

The main event of the week has been for sure the Brandseth freeride kayak race. Two runs of 100 seconds along the drops and slides of this incredible blue creek.
The podium:

  1. Eric Deguille
  2. Sam Sutton
  3. Michele Ramazza
The french guy styled two great runs while Sam did some little mistakes in the second run and Michele did not find the perfect physical condition, especially in the first run. However, Eric will meet again the Adidas team in the next races in Czech Republic and Austria!