Lifting one side of the kayak has always been a misleading concept in my opinion. It is rarely advisable to lift the side of the canoe but, on the contrary, it is better to think in terms of weight shifting towards the side of the kayak trying to keep it as flat as possible to ensure the best support and balance from the boat.

The old school has always taught the concept of the side lifting. In my courses I have noticed more and more how this concept was misunderstood leading to unnecessary leg fatigue and loss of balance. For this reason, in this video I show a concept applicable to all creeks kayak that will help you maintain balance in the boat and increase your safety in basic maneuvers.

Relaxing the legs tensions and learning to move the weights by seeking balance on the kayak itself will improve your canoeing safety!
Let me know if you liked it and what you think of this technique in the video's comments section!

Good strokes everyone!