This section contains all the articles about the technique of kayaking. The techniques described are the result of years of analysis to find the main foudamental blocks of this very special sport.

If you are a beginner and you want to learn the basics or review the technique from the beginning, I suggest you follow the lessons in order:

Kayaking course online

How to paddle, paddling technique

In this article you can find a very detailed video tutorial about the paddling technique. This video shows the 2 foundamental movements and explains how to learn them. This 2 elements, combined in proper way, create an efficient and stylish paddling.
Michele Ramazza has been studied these ideas for years and now are resumed in this very useful video.

salire e scendere dalla canoa

Getting in and out of the canoe can be often difficult. This video explains the system I use to enter and exit from the river. This technique allows to board and disembark from the kayak in every possible situation, on high banks, muddy or where it is necessary to climb.

timone thumb

What I'm presenting now is one of the first stroke to control curves with creeks and freestyle boats. It's a very energy saver stroke to control direction in white water.


This stroke has been one of the most complicated maneuver to teach and to learn. The aim is to put order and, why not, physics, to understand what I call the draw stroke. I use basically only this stroke to change direction because is the most efficient way not to loose speed and to avoid the drifting effect.

boofThe boof is the move used to jump any obstacle in a river. In this article you will find the explanation of this fundamental white water move and the timing to do it in the right place at the right time.

how to loop article Kim Russell explain how to loop in this article. The loop is one of the coolest feeling tricks out there but there are few tricks you need to know..

McNasty tutorial

Bryan Kirk, freestyle champion, teaches how to perform a McNasty in a hole. The McNasty is a variation of the loop like the Space Godzilla and the Phonix Monkey.