snow candiglianoAfter the super-heavy snow falled in Italy in February 2012 the temperature rised quickly and the fast melting of the 2.5 meters of snow rised the water on few Italian rivers. Generally these rivers have water only due to the rain...but for the first time we managed to paddle in the Appennins with good snow melting flows!

This year a record snow falled on the area where I live, in Italy. In some villages the snow reached 3 meters and some people had to go out from the second floor windows of their house! This has been an emergency in few places where some people have been isolated for days.

CandiglianoBut few days later the temperature rised quickly and an exceptional snow melting started. Usually the rivers in this area are runnible only after some heavy rain and don't last for long. This time we run a river called Candigliano...a very nice starting of the season: sun with 18 degrees, good flows and nice drops in a very surreal landscape. Welcome early-spring in Italy!

church candigliano