double drop norwayThis year Norway was definitely the best place to be in June. Apparently no snow was left in north America while over 500m, around Voss, the snow was not missing at all. Just few degrees over 20 and the Raundalselvi was rising up to 160 m3. A lot of good kayakers end up in Voss at the end of June for the Extreme Sport Week to enjoy the wonderful rivers in the area and compete hard in the races.

One of the highlight of the river in the area is for sure the Teigdalselvi, well know for the famous double drop that was pretty much always in. However, the double drop is just the last wonderful drop of a long series of waterfalls and class V-VI drops.

The race in Brandseth has been fantastic, with more than than 70 kayakers and a lot of good athletes. The water level was simply perfect the day of the race.
Mike Dawson (NZL), Jamie Sutton
 (NZL) and Dag Sandvick (NOR) went on the podium of the sprint. 

The team race has been won by the strong New Zeland team: Sam and Jamie Sutton and Mike.

Another appointment the kayakers haven't missed was the great meeting organized by Marian Seather and Ron Fisher on the Raundalselvi to paddle together in memory of Lulu and Juanito. More than 70 people run the Rafting section in the Raundal with at least 90 m3. Has been one of the most fun run ever with 9 happy swimmers and a great BBQ at the takeout. 


On Saturday, after a great party, all kayakers showed up at the boater X on the Strandaelvi full of water! David Bain (GBR) took the first place, followed by Michele Ramazza (ITA) and Dag Sandvick (NOR). 

What is really special of the Extreme Sport Week is the happiness and the life celebration you can breath all over the places. I really appreciated the following video shown at the Saturday's video in the tend:

Ekstremsportveko 2015 - Singalong from Ekstremsportveko on Vimeo.