With 2021 a new chapter begins regarding the sponsorship of Michele Ramazza. The Consorzio Tutela Lambrusco has decided to support Michele's activity to link his image to the characteristics that distinguish their products: sparkling, young and respectful of nature.

The Lambrusco Protection Consortium renewed his image in 2021, renewing the logo, principles and communication. In this occasion it decided to support two sport champions linked to the environment, Brabara Milani (ski champion) and Michele Ramazza (extreme kayak champion), both linked to the Emilian Apennine territory.

Right in the Apennines and at the foot of the Emilian hills, Lambrusco is produced in a defined area that guarantees its protected designation of origin (DOP).

Consorzio Tutela Lambrusco

Spectacular images and videos of kayaking, mtb and all sparkling sports in contact with nature will be produced. Emilian products such as Lambrusco are very popular around the world and the goal will be to make them known to an ever-increasing audience!