Each river nestled in the mountains is invaluable. The scenarios created by the water are wonderful and often revealed only to paddlers. These are some memories I want to share with everyone before they disappear forever.

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The value of one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, the Rizzanese (southern Corsica), has been sold out for political reasons. The dam and the pipeline are almost ready and by the next spring won't probably flow more than a dash of water in this river.

diga rizzanese diga rizzanese

You could argue that producing renewable energy is something important and necessary to everybody. However in this case, to build this dam has been spent, in terms of money and energy, more of what this dam itself will produce the next 100 years. Considering that a plant like that doesn't last more than 50-60 years the only result, in addition to dry the river, will be to enrich those who are building this cathedral in the desert.