For some years, I have been part of this special team, strongly connected to the territory where I live.

For us Emilians, but more in general Italian people, local food and wine are something important and deeply felt; we always have local wine and cheese at home. Lambrusco is a product that aims to reach a younger, active, and sporty audience more and more. For this reason, it has sought local athletes involved in nature-related, active, and spectacular disciplines.


Recently, it has redesigned the logo and the entire coordinated image that you will also see on the bottles on the market in the future.



Personally, I have always known about this type of wine, but thanks to the consortium, I have been able to discover the numerous variations of these grape varieties that can create flavors and colors ranging from sweet to dry, from white to ruby red.

The dry DOC wines are my favorites, and I have also discovered that they are really liked by everyone!

This video encapsulates the spirit of this team:

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