Teva Extreme Outdoor Games What is going to happen to the Teva Extreme Outdoor Games this year?
The race has a different name now: Eporedia Active Days. Everything is going to be like last year apart few things..

This year the race is only partially sponsored by Teva but the organizers managed to find money from other sources to make the race happen. This year the race is open, so no invitation is required. The race is going to be even harder because more paddlers are expected.
A good news for the international paddlers: no race on Sunday, so you can get wasted at the party and you don't have to race the day after!

Everything is going to happen in the same style of the past years: Chiusella race

June 7th:

10:00 Individual Race Long distance – Valchiusella

Long race in Valchiusella

15:00 Team Race Long Distance - Valchiusella

Long race by national Teams

June 8th:

11:00 King of the Falls - Valchiusella

Spectacular short race in a very hard course (only the best 25 kayakers will compete here)

21:00 Individual Race Sprint - Ivrea

Fast run down the slalom course in Ivrea

June 9th:

10:00 Team Race Sprint - Ivrea

Sprint in the slalom course in Ivrea

14:00 Kayak Cross – Ivrea

The last race of the Games, for the best 32 paddlers qualified

21:00 Party – Ivrea

June 10th:


Kayak cross only for italian paddlers

For more informations contact Francesco Salvato: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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