composite creek boatsThe time is not arrived yet. In 2014-2015 everybody was very excited to see some composite creek boats developed for racing. These boats were acclaimed as the future of the creek boat construction. In my opinion the fail of this test is quite obvious. No body, or better, almost nobody is really using this technology and no boat has really been sold.

A composite boat have few disadvantages:

- It's very expansive because the construction involve more manual work

- It's quite easy to break and repairing it's not always an easy job. You need to have raw composite foils, resins and good skills

- It's probably less safe, since the broken material is quite dangerous

It has also some advantage in term of performance:

-It's more solid and less flexible in the water

-It should be lighter but, honestly, I haven't notice this big difference in weight comparing to a light plastic boat.

I think this technology is not competitive yet on the market of creek boats. In my opinion open the race for composite boat is not a good idea for the following reasons:

  1. The athletes who want to be competitive should buy a new boat just for racing (who has more money has more chance...).
  2. It's going to be impossible to have composite boats for free since the constructor just work and earn only from top athletes
  3. It's going to move away normal kayakers from the race circuit were only top athletes with carbon boat can be competitive
  4. To be more competitive a special race construction could improve the performance but such kind of boats could be very fragile and not usable on normal creeking.
  5. Constructor will be pushed to produce models just for racing (not that good for normal creeking). Thus kayakers should have a boat for racing and one for creeking...

I'm pretty sure will come the day where a new construction technology will replace the rotomolded plastic for the normal mass production. Then will be the time to open races to a new material. But we need to wait until normal kayaker will prefer this new material..