wave surfing casalecchio

Sometimes, when the heavy rain falls on the Appennins, my river, usually flat, creates a big and fun wave with eddy service right in the middle of the town of Casalecchio di Reno.

freestyle wave in casalecchio

It doesn't happen very often, but when the flow is good for this wave the fun is guaranteed.
The wave is easy, forgiving and fast, with a good green left shoulder. Tricks like aerial blunt, aerial screw, helix, pan-am and Mc Nasty are possible in this wave. Even beginners with a very solid roll can have fun in this wave, spin are easy and the feeling of gliding over the water is always a good feeling. A good eddy on le right side allows kayakers to come back up easily to the entry point. Random people will stop to watch this unusual show in town.
The water is quite full of sand and a good wash of your gear is always recommended. A swim here is not adviced like in all flooding river.

Freestyle video

Perfect conditions

However find the right flow for this wave is a very hard challange. After heavy rains, the river rise quickly up to 2.5m. While the water is dropping down there is a little window of about 2-3 hours where the water is perfect for this wave. Sometimes is dark and it's not possible, but when this window appear during the day it's worth to leave what you are doing to enjoy this event!
The flow is good between 1.25m and 1.45m at the "Casalecchio T.Volo" gauge available at ARPA SIM website, idrologia

water level gauge

Freestyle wave position