wave surfing casalecchio

Sometimes, when the heavy rain falls on the Appennins, my river, usually flat, creates a big and fun wave with eddy service right in the middle of the town of Casalecchio di Reno.

Sickline world championship 2011 michele ramazza

Between the 4th and the 7th of October 2012, 150 of the world’s best whitewater kayakers from 30 different countries will meet in Tirol, Ötztal Valley, to determine the Adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Champion 2012 on the legendary “Wellerbrücke” river section. Michele and all the other best paddlers are training hard to compete in one of the more challenging race of the year.

Lipno Dam

Once a year the Lipno dam releases water on the river Vltava, called also the Devil's stream. As soon as the water flows into this river, kayakers can enjoy a very fun run with lots of nice rapids. A nice train-service takes all the kayakers from the end of the 8km run back to the start in less than 10 minutes.

Mass start race For the first time I can ever remember the King of the Alps race, at its first edition, has experimented a new race format based on two races: a mass start marathon and a boaterX. The overall winners won the title of King and Queen of the Alps.

This year the "Teva Extreme Outdoor Games" changed the name into "Eporedia Active Days". Honza Lasko and Anne Hubner won the overall results. Sam Sutton styled the slalom race, Michele Ramazza showed his talent in the King of the Falls and Filippo Brunetti won the boaterX.

Val Sesia, June 3rd 2012. After a nice week of good weather and medium water all the paddlers arrived here in Val Sesia enjoying the two events running at the same time during the week-end.

Teva Extreme Outdoor Games What is going to happen to the Teva Extreme Outdoor Games this year?
The race has a different name now: Eporedia Active Days. Everything is going to be like last year apart few things..

angrogna waterfallIn Piemonte there are many rivers flowing down the west Alps. The most famous are the Chiusella, Soana and Stura. However there are other very nice creeks where is hard to find water but lucky kayakers can find spectacular runs.

Marmore fallsIn Italy almost all rivers are terribly dry, but there is a very nice river near Rome that releases water only in the best hours on holiday days.

snow candiglianoAfter the super-heavy snow falled in Italy in February 2012 the temperature rised quickly and the fast melting of the 2.5 meters of snow rised the water on few Italian rivers. Generally these rivers have water only due to the rain...but for the first time we managed to paddle in the Appennins with good snow melting flows!

After many years in the Teva team it is time to change, look for new ideas and follow new paths. Michele is now officially part of the Adidas SickLine Team.

Realizing to have a new nice river close to your house is always a very good news!

world championship tvSickLine World Championship 1st October 2011. Reports from the race course. You can find results, photos and the video of the race.

Michele ready to start Michele Ramazza wins the Extreme sport week downriver competion. Sam Sutton in second position and a great performance of Dag Sanvik, a local paddler, takes him on the 3 step of the podium.